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I had never heard of PeopleSite before I found it two days ago. There are several friends from my childhood that I would love to reconnect with and I hoped this site would bring good results. I received an e-mail less than 24 hours after I posted. Rick gave me several numbers to locate my friend, Jennie, and I am very happy to say that I talked to Jennie for almost two hours last night. Again, this was a day after posting. I have already told several others about this site and they are thinking of long lost friends they would like to contact. I am very impressed with PeopleSite and I am very hopeful I will have more success stories.

I submitted a message for my friend Veronica instead I was contacted by a "long lost love". My friend Jesse found me here after searching through other sites. I am very happy that we found one another. I have missed him for years. Thank You for bringing him back to me PeopleSite.

I posted a message about my best friend and next door neighbor from my childhood and received an email within minutes including her current address and phone number from a kind soul who said to give her a call. It doesn't get any quicker than that!!!

Amazingly fast!! I posted a message on Wednesday and the following Thursday a very kind person gave me the address and telephone number of the one I was looking for. A great search community, thank you very much. Leslie H. Hall

First and most important I thank peoplesite, Rick & Melissa for their beautiful hearts in helping me, and makeing my dream come true! I will never forget that you Rick found my sister and Melissa for finding my brother Scott. I can never thank you enough! I've been searching on and off for my sister and two brothers for years now! I would go on every search site and the info would be wrong or it was just ways of getting money to con me :(. But on 8/30/06 I went on to search free and looked into it and figured i need to try and see.... I posted a message about my search and all the last info i could remember to hope that would be enough. Two hours later I received an E-mail from Melissa saying she might have found my brother Scott....Sure enough it was him after 13 years!!!! A couple hours after that...I recieved an E-Mail from Rick...he searched and came across my sister Jen and her beautiful family...Rick e-mailed her first to make sure he had found the right jennifer. For my confort he sent me a pic he got of my sister and her husband...and SURE ENOUGH it was her!! Jennifer responded back to Rick 8/31/06 with a little note for me! :) I read her little note and burst into tears I found my siblings in matter of a day b/c of this site!! I'm still in shock and so over whelmed...but truly blessed to god, this miracle site and two wonderful people that i will keep in my heart forever (RICK) *MELISSA*

Gabriele and I would like to thank the people and WE FOUND HER DAD IN ONE DAY, thanks to the help of people/members here. YOU....made her day, year, and LIFETIME! Hope all of you the best in your searches. God works in mysterious ways.....never give up hope. Gabriele has never met her Dad, but we all plan to meet very soon. She spoke to him for the very first time, TODAY, in her life. Again.....Thank you all for your help. Paul and Gabriele HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

I’ve never seen anything like it, So FAST! This is a great Website. I posted my story yesterday morning. I was looking for my son who I gave up for adoption over 40 years ago! I got a response in a few hours with his phone number. I’m still in shock…Thanks PeopleSite. Nancy Sawicki 06/20/2005

ONE DAY! I posted on this site about a long lost love of my Dad's from the early 1940's and I was contacted within HOURS of my post! The infomation they gave me was what we were looking for on our own for 3 years! I had a local TV station use their team of investigators and they still didn't turn up anything but posting on this site within hours did. We've connected with the lady my Dad was looking for and we will all be grateful forever for this website and those that take their time to help people like me out. I only hope I can be of help to others looking to make their re-connection. High PRAISE for PeopleSite!!

Well I was looking for an ex husband that I hadn't seen for 23 years. Well come to find out, someone seen my message and he was deceased. Had been since 1987, just 5 years after the marriage.

First of all I'd like to thank Peoplesite for their site, secondly like to thank Peoplesite viewers especially Bobby in Arkansas who saw my posting for John and Deb Trammel and worked very hard to help me find them. This is an extrodinary site for people searching for loved ones, friends, or whomever. Your viewers are just as extrodinary, especially Bobby in Arkansas. Thank you for all of your help, John, Deb and Sonja are completely reunited and have sworn to never loose touch again. It's all because of Peoplesite and it's viewers. Sincerely, Wanda Roberts-Gruska.



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